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Emergency Broadcast: It’s a big cabal and you ain’t in it feat. $TOOKER
Tune in as $TOOKER joins us to unravel the $BRETT insider trading mess and dubious Ukraine funding. We must get $TREMP back in power and $BODEN out! The world depends on it!
Real life interview: The Lecturn Guy Talks Lecsexuality
I interviewed The Lecturn Guy who was in federal prison for picking up and moving a podium in the capitol on Jan 6. Turns out it is actually a sexual identity/disability that caused him to do this and the federal government should be sued and prosecuted!
Video Game Showcase
We have been developing a video game before this project was even public. It is scheduled to be available this summer on PC via Steam and Mobile via IOS/Android. We are way ahead of the curve. The full trailer drops in around 10 days. It is the first cultural/political driven shooter/racing game. The Tin Foil Hat Stays On...
Dubai Is Underwater
Crypto portfolios continue to flood…except $JOWNES holders. And don’t forget about those reptilian overlord scumbags and their weather weapons.
Real life interview: Ian Crossland
We caught up with @IanCrossland and he EXPOSED @Timcast BIG TIME! The Truth is SHOCKING!
Emergency Broadcast: Man Up, Kenidy
$Kenidy, it's time to man up! Join me on Meme Wars to break down vaccines, crypto, and yes, turning those ghey frogs straight again.
Real Life Interview: Hi-Rez The Rapper
Get ready to shake up the mainstream media and the world. Traditional propaganda media isn't ready for us to break the matrix. Our guest is Hi-Rez The rapper!
It’s not funny Save $PEPE Support $JOWNES
Special Interview: Piers Murgan
Back in the ring with Piers Murgan after over 10 years! The fight for our freedoms hasn't cooled down, and neither have I.
You won't be able to ignore Alux Jownes...The hardest working team in this space.
The Origin Story
One night during the solar eclipse #CERN opened up a wormhole and sucked him right in #memewars dropping hot soon with the first episode of our cartoon series going live in the coming days The tin foil hat stays on - The ticker is $JOWNES
Lots coming for the $JOWNES warriors. We wont sleep until the crypto cabal and satanic lizard overlords have met their maker. Stay vigilant!
Alux Jownes from meme wars is here to spit the truth about everything from weather weapons, chemicals in the water that turn frogs gay, pizza gate, 911 being an inside job and the deep state. The satanic globalists must be stopped at all costs! Federal agents tried to hold the project down and cancel Jownes. This has happened several times in Jownes career and he comes back swinging. Freedom fighters united to bring the truth to light.
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